I Still Think of You

No, I don’t think of you at all.
Only when the night draws in and I am on my own,
till the stars finally set and a new day is reborn.
Only when a song about love plays on the radio,
I cannot find my way out of the thousand feelings that ensue.
Only when I am happy or out of humor or nothing at all,
I yearn for your company because you never let me fall.

No, I don’t think of you that often.
Every single time someone asks me if I have moved on,
I wonder if you too still want to undo moments that went wrong.
Only when I am with someone new who doesn’t love me like you,
I wish I had never left and that you had not so easily let me go.

Yes, I still think of you.
When I go through your thousand messages and notes,
I hope you’d send one more so I could tell you I am still yours.
When I am surrounded by friends or walking past strangers,
I realise how somethings are just meant to forever linger.

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