The Right One?

When the sun is just about to set,
all the beauty transpires in the sky at once.
The canvas splutters with hues of red, blue, and orange.
Light filtering through the clouds dances around.
There’s a delicate shimmer in everything the sunrays behold.
Perhaps God likes to play with brushes every nightfall.

And then there are you and me
Our love is a metaphor for sunset in all its majesty
With you, I feel like a bird set free from a cage,
soaring high in the sky and diving into waters all the same

Something about the glow in your eyes
like a warm winter night.
You are the oasis I had been looking for,
being with you is the most natural thing I’ve ever known.

Held myself back and wondered if love is for me at all,
there was no home in sight and no solace in mind
I didn’t know if that even existed
a place where my heart could feel well adjusted

With you, there are no uncertainties,
Your love has bound me forever and set me free.
I don’t think I’ve felt more assured ever before.
I am surprised that my heart’s desire came true.


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