My Nerd-Love

Blue is the color of skies.
Water is colorless, while sunlight is white.
However ordinary you think are your black eyes,
to me they are safe haven, where all our dreams reside.

Colors and fragrance are features of flowers.
Consistency and continuity best define passing hours.
We may be two invisible, fleeting specks amidst meteor showers,
but only magic can explain love like ours.

I Lumos your dreams,
you Alohmora my heart.
If you weren’t so far away,
we could have watched harry potter and all seven parts.
You say we are mere Muggles,
in a world with a place like Hogwarts.
What about the unbreakable love spell you cast on me,
so, FYI you are my favorite wizard.

Our love-portfolio in bearish market would only be upper circuit,
added to that would be frequent dividends and share splits.
With you ever-flowing profits wouldn’t be a myth.
We would make the entire concept of hedge funds unfit.


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