Is this change permanent?

It’s not as if I lived any less before

Nor did I feel that I needed anything more

But you messed it all up leaving no exit door

Now my life will never be the same, that’s for sure


To understand how you did is out of my range

And now I have entered this ever so confusing maze

I won’t deny how beautiful it all feels and how I am amazed

So here are a few things that you did to me that I don’t intend to faze


The way you listen to me when all I want to do is speak

your eyes full of understanding, always see what I need

Each time I go wrong and amiss, you stay with me and lead

Your patience with me all the time really makes me accede


The way you read my mind and always know what really matters

and the way you break me free from any kind of difficult fetters

This all is the easy part that you added to my life and made it better

There’s a lot more that I need to mention besides these treasures


The way you make me feel when you’re not around

It pisses me off and nothing feels positive and sound

The way I need you really makes me astound

Earlier I was just myself, but now to you I am completely bound


You know how to make me happy , you unknowingly make me sad

You see all the good in me and ignore all the bad

My life was just some normal one but never seemed bland

Until I found you , you made it dream-like, as if you have a magic wand.

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