I’m Hyperventilating, Can You See?

This kind of thing that’s happening to me
all seems to be unreal as reasons are unseen
why my heart flutters when you look at me
the way I forget to breathe when you are anywhere near me

Though I try hard not to feel this way
and even harder to not to remember you this moment on
but all this seems to vanish the moment you are around
and I cant resist to see you once more

May be my mind logically interpreted it to be something
but may be its all insane and nothing
it just gets more and more confusing
so I need to get out of this before it gets frustrating

Still considering the way I sometimes smile
when you just pass by
the way I want to see you just once more
makes me stop to let this go

I ‘m sure its not meant to be
and we are never going to be how I see
still the way you make feel
is exactly the way I want to be

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