Where do we go from here?

One cold night of December,
the moon decided not to show up.
There was no sign of clouds in the sky,
perhaps a fortunate night for millions of stars to take over.
The breeze silently swept across the streets,
as if searching for something without knowing what.
The silence of the night was deep like an abyss,
even the perky kittens were listless and lost.
Middle of the night, you were still peering out of the window
All I was wondering was if you’d take the morning flight and go
You were holding still the ring that I had asked you to wear
I was still waiting for your answer, however I didn’t care
I knew all that we had was much beyond
A few things that would never change,
even if in every sense we grew apart
Hour after hour just flew by
You were still going through the possibilities,
while I peacefully held back to our immediate reality.
Quiet, serene and beautiful night it was
conspiring subtly to make way for the dawn.
I knew that time was speeding up tonight
But I didn’t want to stop either of you from taking the natural course
I let things transpire, thoughtlessly going with the flow
With a swift motion, you slipped the ring in your finger
I could not understand what that meant and let the uncertainty linger
It was only when you looked back at me and smiled
did I realize how heavy my heart had been all this while

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