Honestly, I Can’t Tell You The Truth

It’s not easy to hold back my words,
to keep to myself the cyclone of feelings.
Don’t get surprised if someday I implode,
I have been hiding all my desires for eternity.

What’s there to tell and what if I am making it a big deal
It may all be wishful thinking, just my imagination, nothing real
How can I open up my heart for you to break,
without knowing if your heart has any intention to let me stay

But what if I still take a chance to have you in my life
and tell you that you are in every love song that I write
and that every dream of mine is made of you,
that my heart has made a point to not look for anyone new.

What will you say if I tell you that you add hues to my life,
and if I say that your smile enchants me each time
I can read your eyes like it is the language of my soul,
and the way you look at world syncs perfectly with my life goals.

But should I take the risk of knowing the truth I may not like
I’d rather let myself believe that you and I feel alike
I’ve not met someone like you, so you see my situation?
But honestly, I can’t tell you the truth depite my condition.

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