Let’s say I am in Love

Did you notice a faint sparkle in my eyes,
there’s even a little blush tagging along with my smile.
There’s a perfect lightness in the air,
Oh, the beautiful sunlit sky, the clouds are barely there.
I might be feeling more often than not like I am on cloud nine,
even the happiness quotient of people around seems pretty high

Can I say I am sort of in love?
I hope it’s not one of those Cupid’s bluffs.
It would be helpful if you tell me you love me too,
Don’t push it too much and tell me what’s it for you?

Okay, let’s face it, it’s not all rainbows,
I get jumpy and edgy in all this love-chaos.
You are straight out of my imagination,
who knows may be you are really my manifestation.
There’s a bit of a limber in the way I move,
I think my need for grooming has also improved.

Can I say I am in love?
I hope it’s not one of those Cupid’s bluffs.
I am kind of waiting for you to step in too,
We’ve already wasted enough time, now just make the move?

I believe in serendipity and fairy tale endings,
And you are truly my kind of prince charming.
You make me want to give it another chance,
despite the heartbreaks and dissappointments of the past.
Not only has my heart and it’s desires found home in you,
but all my hopelessly romantic hopes have also got renewed.

So I am very safely calling this love.
and I am quite sure it’s not one of those Cupid’s bluffs.
I can wait enough but dont want to wait too much,
It’s apparent that you are in love too, so why make a fuss?

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