Our love

How can I not love you,
when you are the only one for me in the world.
Just being with you brings me to ease
even while my mind is trying hard to work in circles.
You are the sushine that I never knew I could receive,
never thought so many colors of rapture could co-exist.

How did I end up finding you,
because it was just dreams where I hoped for a love like this.
I wouldn’t have ever been prepared enough for you,
for you are perfect, there’s not a single thing I’d trade.
You make me want to be more of myself,
all my doubts and apprehensions are long buried and dead.

How can I tell you how much you mean to me,
all I can do is tell you all my secrets and put my feelings at risk.
Having you makes me grateful and believe in love,
it’s no coincidence that our worlds collided and became one
Everytime you hold my hand, my heart flutters for the right reasons,
hope it remains the same for the rest of the cycles of seasons.

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