Sand Castles

I like him, and he does too, I can surely say,
And so it feels pointless to try to keep our feelings at bay.
We move on and forget our chapter is what I truly pray.
Because with his heart or mine, I don’t intend to play.

I knew what I was getting into from the start I won’t deny.
I let my heart warm up to you even when my mind defied.
And now things have become profound over time.
I am to blame for trying to nurture our bond on lies.

But how could have I let something so beautiful pass by.
In no time, friendship turned to courting, which translated to longing.
How could have I told you this won’t last?
So, I minced my words and stayed put in the spell you cast.

I let you think I am the one,
And now, I genuinely hope it can be undone.
Can I still unhitch your feelings, or is it too late?
Why can’t we work out, why can’t I rewrite fate?

I have to tell you the truth before its too late.
I have to let you know that I am not the perfect mate.
Close your eyes so that you can see with perfect clarity.
I am just another episode heading to obscurity.

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