Hey, I’m Yours!

Your touch is the warmness of the winter sun
Taste of you is intoxicating like a bottle of rum
Hold me in your arms so I can feel safe
But not too close not too fast, or my heart will leap away.

The sound of you breathing next to me
is soothing like summer rain falling on the ground.
Even lifetime of looking at you looking at me
will not be enough to satiate my need.

You are my favorite book
that I never get tired of reading.
A song that I play on repeat,
that still manages to get my heart racing.

I can barely keep a straight face
when a thought of you comes to my mind.
Although you make me as calm as the deep waters of seas,
but feeling even whirwind of emotions with you is fine.

Hearing the three words from you,
makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the history of time.
I didn’t even try to tune myself to you,
but here I am, being all yours and hoping to make you mine.

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