The Beginning of Us?

Something unprecedented has been happening for a while now.
Shades of dusk and colors of springtime leaves seem important.
I can imagine butterflies on the lilies,
and feel them in my stomach too.
My heartbeat has been fluctuating,
and I can very well comprehend the reasoning.

I’ve started admiring people more,
and even the annoying things they do.
My to-do list is increasing,
while my catalog of plans is at an all-time high.
Can we take a time-out?
Because I have been hyperventilating for a while.

Cycle of time can be baffling, now that I know.
Some moments seem ages, while hours pass in a flash.
The laughter and smiles come by inadvertently,
the happiness high is a bit more consistent.
This is what weightlessness feels like, I think.

I ask you what love is,
to know if that’s what has been bothering me all this while.
You smile as I go crimson under your warmth,
and I bury my face in my hands,
as you tell me you see the world in my eyes.


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