You too are a mirage

Treading through an unknown path,
through the dense mist that hides everything it touches.
A moment of epiphany when the haze gives away the truth.
This too turned out an illusion that never ceases to be.
It’s a desert of mirages,
the truth is another deception indeed.
The deliberation of fading away gasping
or letting longing and indifference leech off of desire.
Why was it yet another mirage?
Will disillusionment replace the diminishing hope?
Who has control over feelings stirring somewhere inside.
A light of expectation finds a gap in the heart to enter,
but the watchful soul tries to keep the guard up.
And yet the mind tries to walk ahead,
attempting to fly through the distance,
the next mirage may not be a trick,
and so, while yearning for the heart’s desire,
it takes the next step.

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