I Wish You Were Here Tonight

I wish you were here tonight
So I could tell you a million things running in my mind
I want you to know that I don’t want to part ways
That my heart never stops throbbing even when you are 100 miles away.

I tell myself this emotional mayhem will come to pass
and contend with my heart to keep your memories at bay.
Can’t bear to carry on like this now even for a day
I wish you were here for the long night that ahead of me lays.

In the overwhelming meadows that surrounded us both
With each step that took us deeper into the woods,
The streaks of silences and words led us into an irreversible change.
You did not remain you and I am no more myself.

In the constant humming of the night wind and under the blanket of stars,
I found solace in your voice and your eyes found comfort in mine,
Time was just a number, hours and days went by in a trance,
We lost track of our beliefs and reality in the beautiful surrender.

Your last goodbye still haunts me every now and then
The days spent together still keep me awake at night
Your promises and my affirmations to start a new chapter seem void
Getting over the tide of feelings seems impossible in this life.

All I ask of you is an antidote for my turbulent mind,
I wish that you stay with me every night and every day of my life,
even if that means only in my dreams and memories and thoughts
or my heart will stay hurt forever in the battle it had long lost.

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