You’re kind of special to me!

What is it that makes me think about you so much,
Is it the way freckles come over your forehead,
when there is something going on in your mind,
or is it that smile that comes across,
when you catch me looking at you, and I instantly flicker my eyes.

What is it that makes me wonder,
how life would be if you were not around,
or how important it has become to be with you day in and day out,
how my every thought wants to be heard by you,
like my every feeling, waits for you, to be construed.

What is it that makes me hold on to you,
is it how calm I feel when you are around,
or the way I know you care about me knowing no bounds.
Is it because you know what I am thinking and complete my lines,
or is it the perfection with which your dreams fit into mine.

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