Do you remember me?

Hey there, do you remember me?
I am from the past.
Your true love, that would till the end last.
I know you think about me sometimes
esp. when a person or a song reminds you of those times.
Let me tell you, we did the best thing parting ways.
The lessons were learnt the hard way, but it’s all good now.
Do you regret any of the decisions?
Have you thought over and again how things could have been better?
Does it still give you goosebumps ,
when you go through memories of testing times?
Then let me tell you this,
you pulled the best cards of all that was there.
Your life could have been different,
but I’m sure this one’s not any less fine.
You know I would put all trust in you,
as you did in me before.
So think about me with only love,
and move on being assured.



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