Star messing with me Again!

Now I had a second encounter with that same star
how come it always finds me when we are so many light years apart
This time I wasn’t even staring at him, it was he who started throwing the first dart
he must have got bored ,after all he had been doing the same boring job non stop

I took no time in recalling his deep mocking voice
“Hey you sleepy creature ,your world is so annoying
your lives are so burdened and you live without any choice”
I looked at him confused and angry and lost all my poise

“Whats the matter with you Mr. Star,why don’t you leave me alone”
The star again started with his creepy taunts which pricked me till the bone
“Your world is so full of corruption and stuff, selfishness is deeply sown
There’s so much unrest everywhere and so much animosity in actions and tone”

I wanted to snap at him but all that he said was so very true
Taking advantage of my speechlessness his taunts further accrued
“You fight with each other , you put each other down and abuse,
you people live for money and power and thus your entire life is a misuse”

whatever he said was right and I couldn’t agree more
But I couldn’t let the star vilify us and speak words, so sore
” You may be somewhat right Mr star but don’t be so sure
what you say is not the complete story after all”

“I know we have grown a bit superficial
we have lost sight of what really matters
but that doesn’t mean that our ethics have completely shattered
deep inside we are all kind and good ,it’s just that we give up easily to the slightest clutter”

“Yes some of us have gone a bit disarrayed ,
but that’s just a few of us whose ethics are frayed,
Even you stars among you have black holes ,
so do you mind leaving me alone.

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