A messy encounter with a Star

Just  as I was staring at the night sky
One of stars looked down and asked
“why are you people always so busy
Just looking at you all makes us so dizzy”

My first thought was may be I am too much fagged out
A star won’t talk even if you are a devout
“Yeah Yeah ,Its me don’t look around”
Sounding detached that star enounced

“I see you going to office day after day
And trust me they don’t as much profusely pay
Aren’t you tired of this kind of mundaneness
The time is so precious , why spend in dullness”

I listened to it all and within no time replied
“Mr . Star why do you say so, even you ,ply by your work schedule .
Don’t you move around in space and produce light
Even you do the same work day and night ”

Star sharply reacted “How dare you compare my work with yours”
I do big things without which this universe cannot endure”
To this I responded ” Yes truly like you we cannot shine.
But what we do I ‘m sure you cannot be as fine ”

We sit in front of the computer screen through out the day
It is tiring but we’ve patiently adjusted this way
And we ,unlike you , get the night to sleep
So don’t bother thinking about us please”

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