It’s difficult letting you go

With every passing moment
my fear of losing you grows
I wonder what I would do
when the day of not seeing you comes true

Ever since i realized that you would go
have been recapitulating each moment that included you
and have been reprising the feelings too
because now only memories is all I have to sew

Somehow i knew this would end like this
but never thought it would feel so much amiss
a little bit stranded do i feel
now i realize i got myself in uncompromising deal

I know that you know that i feel something
the times when you tried to make me know this thing
truth is i cannot tell you how i feel cause i’m scared
because the thing is i am not sure if together we’ll ever flair

I know I will move on
its just that it might take a little long
though i will remember you like a beautiful song
because of all the feelings that in me you thronged

However unwillingly , i will let you leave
because there’s this one thing that i believe
if we are ever meant to be with one another
it will surely happen sooner or later

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