As the train was about to move, I was starting to get a lot relieved

I really wanted that nobody sat on my adjacent seat

Whenever the door opened I almost freaked out and cringed

So it was yet another time that I heard the door swinging

I looked up for a second and was literally floored

He was just like somebody’s idea of perfection,

like an artist’s flawless and unadulterated muse

I kept staring at him as if I had no other option

He came up and said “What is your seat number?”

“It’s 66. Can you take mine?” I said coming back to senses from slumber

I picked up my bag from the seat to shove it in the baggage counter

He said “allow me” and smiled, how could I not get completely bowled over

As he fumbled with the bag,I looked up at him and almost chuckled

“wow, how do carry that thing around, by the way, I am Ben” He mumbled

His voice so smooth, the kind which could make you skip a breath

my heart sighed as he said my name and I flushed with embarrassment

He looked me through his gentle eyes and asked me to tell about myself

As I told him about my things I tried to keep my heart in check,

Coz the way all his attention was for me, made me really distracted

Clueless, I looked at him and nodded as he talked about arts

All that I wondered was, Is he even real or my imagination is throwing darts

Whatever it was, that evening was climbing fast to be at the top of my charts

He browsed through my playlist and smiled when any song he liked appeared

So angels do exist, how can all of a sudden life become this surreal

It seemed we had been together for ages, as if time had come to a halt

Yet as the journey was coming to an end, I wished I could make time stop

However, this too had to come to an end, like every other good thing does

As he walked away my eyes followed him till he completely dissolved

Even then I was grounded and couldn’t move and missed my connecting train

I would never ever forget that day when a German caused me a major heart fail

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