Something doesn’t seem to be right

Is it your silence that speaks a thousand words?

Or is it my mind that engulfs me in echoing blurs

Is it the absence of your glowing, mesmerizing smile?

Or is it the force with which I put up reassurances on mine?


Something is missing it seems

Why is it, that your being there still makes me feel lonely

Or is it that I am lost somewhere far and invisible, unknowingly

Why are your eyes no more as gentle as they always were

Or is it something that my mind is just trying to see


Something is going amiss and this I can surely feel

Why is it that you no more look at me when earlier you could for hours

Why is it that even when you are there I can feel you no more,

How can I not read your thoughts like I did even before you spoke a word

Or is it that I don’t want to read something that tells me that you are no longer mine.

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